The HTML5 <wbr> tag

Another newly introduced HTML5 element is the <wbr> tag which is used to specify a break point in a very long word or string. If a word or a string is too long in a document then sometimes the browser may breaks it at wrong place so it will be very difficult to read or it does not get broken at all which hampers the page layout. To overcome these problems the HTML5 <wbr> element is ideal.

The main difference between <wbr> tag and <br> tag is that <br> element forces to break a line. On the other hand, <wbr> element breaks a line at the specified break points only if required.

Web browser support:

HTML5 <wbr> tag is supported by latest versions of all web browsers except Internet Explorer.

There is a HTML5 <wbr> element example given below:

<p>For functioning of AJAX, one of the very important object is XML<wbr>Http<wbr>Request.</p>

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