The HTML5 <footer> tag

The <footer> tag is one of such tags those are newly introduced in HTML5. It is used as footer of one or more sections or as a footer of the document just like <header> tag. HTML5 <footer> element usually contains information about the author of the document, copyright information, terms of use, privacy policy, contact information etc. More than one <footer> tag can be used in a HTML5 document and it is generally placed at the end of the document or <article> tag.

Important point needs to be remembered:

  • Contact information should not be placed directly within <footer> element, it should be placed within <address> tag.

Web browser support:

HTML5 <footer> element is supported by latest versions of all web browsers. Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions of Internet Explorer do not support this tag.

There are few HTML5 <footer> tag examples given below:

Below the <footer> element is used as document footer.

        <li>Terms of Use</li>
        <li>Privacy Policy</li>

Below the <footer> tag is used as article footer.

    Article content
        Footer info for the article

Below the <footer> element is used as section footer.

    Section content
        Footer info for the section

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