The footer tag (<footer>) is one of such tags those are newly introduced in HTML5. It is used as footer of one or more sections or as a footer of the document just like header tag. HTML5 footer tag usually contains information about the author of the document, copyright information, terms of use, privacy policy, contact information etc. More than footer element can be used in a HTML5 document and it is generally placed at the end of the document or <article> tag.

Important points need to be remembered:

  • HTML5 footer element is supported by latest versions of all web browsers. Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions of Internet Explorer do not support footer element.
  • Contact information should not be placed directly within footer element, it should be placed within address tag.

There are few HTML5 footer tag examples given below:

Below the footer tag is used as document footer

        <li>Terms of Use</li>
        <li>Privacy Policy</li>

Below the footer element is used as article footer

    Article content
        Footer info for the article

Below the footer element is used as section footer

    Section content
        Footer info for the section

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