The HTML5 <article> tag

The <article> tag represents an independent component of a document, page or website which is distributable and reusable. Sources of HTML5 <article> element could be blog post, forum post, news story, user submitted comment etc. The <article> tag generally contains a heading (usually within <header> element), the <p> tag (paragraph) and sometimes <footer> element.

Web browser support:

HTML5 <article> element is supported by latest versions of all web browsers. Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions of Internet Explorer do not support this tag.

There are some HTML5 <article> tag examples given below:

Simple example of the <article> element.

    <h1>This is the heading of the article</h1>
    <p>The content of the article</p>

More structured example of <article> tag.

        <h1>This is the heading of the article</h1>
        <p>Written By: S Ghosh</p>
    <p>More content ....</p>
        <p><small>Footer content</small></p>

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